Lumen Video Capture Terms and Conditions

On behalf of myself and/or the company that I represent, I (also referred to as “me” or “my") hereby grant CenturyLink Communications, LLC d/b/a Lumen Technologies Group, and its present and future parents, subsidiaries, affiliates and their agents acting on their behalf (collectively, “Lumen”) the right and permission to create, use, edit, reproduce, display, disseminate, publish, create derivative works of and/or otherwise distribute my name, appearance, image, video recordings and photographs of myself, biographical data (including, job title, job location, employer’s identity), statements or quotations attributable to me and/or my likeness (“Characteristics”), and any presentations, paintings, songs, videos, photographs or other copyrightable content that I submit to (or otherwise that are taken of me by) Lumen, including any of the foregoing presented by me at any Lumen-sponsored event or conference (“Content”) in the following manner(s): public-facing print and/or electronic materials by way of broadcast video, Internet, commercials or otherwise; public-facing presentations and advertisements by way of broadcast video, Internet, commercials or otherwise; intra-company website; solicitations to customers; social media sites and broadcast television (the “Rights and Permissions”).


I also grant Lumen the unlimited, royalty-free and perpetual right and permission to grant the Rights and Permissions to any third party that participates in a Lumen sponsored or hosted event.  I hereby disclaim any and all claims that I would otherwise have against Lumen related to the Publications whether arising under any statutory or common law, including without limitation, any claims concerning rights of privacy, moral rights, rights of publicity and/or likeness or any other applicable law.  I understand that my Characteristics and Content may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed and I hereby waive the right to inspect or approve the Publications wherein any of my Characteristics and Content appear. I understand that Lumen is not responsible for the actions of third parties with respect to my Characteristics and Content, including but not limited to any distribution or copying of my Characteristics and Content. I represent and warrant that I am over 21 years of age, that I have the full right to enter into this Authorization and Release and that I have all the necessary rights and permissions to grant Lumen the Rights and Permissions noted above. Additionally, I hereby waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of my Characteristics and Content in connection with the Publications.


I hereby agree that any copyright ownership that may exist in the Publications is the sole and exclusive property of Lumen.