Veteran Careers


When the armed forces join our workforces, amazing things happen. At Lumen, we value the experience you have built in your first career and we have opportunities to showcase that in your second career. Lumen’s mission is to further human progress through technological advancement. It could be yours too, should you choose to accept it.  

Service in action

The mission of the Lumen VETS employee resource group is to help veterans, their families and friends, to realize their potential and impact their communities. To support and participate in company policies and programs in which veterans are respected, valued, and afforded equal opportunities. 
“My service as a US Army Military Police soldier gave me exposure to lots of different cultures and ways of life. I found that during my tenure in the Army, respecting others and holding myself to high standards of integrity goes a long way in communicating with others, especially in my time here at Lumen.” 
-Doroteo (Dory) Garcia III
United States Army
“Submarine service in the Navy taught me to persevere. Hard tasks, long deployments, whatever. That resolve to be one who hangs in there has seen me through difficulties. That together with my faith. Perseverance gets results, too, just putting one foot in front of the other. People learn you are 
a finisher. You learn about yourself that you can complete the seemingly insurmountable when you don’t give up.   My Lumen career since 1998 has afforded opportunities to  persevere in both customer-serving and training-delivery roles. As Global Chairperson of Veterans ERG I (we) experience highs and lows in success – ie. chapter growth & impact- but thankfully perseverance helps us move ever forward.  Borrowing Navy expressions, our careers and our contributions may not always be “full 
steam ahead”, but fortunately “steady as she goes” gets us to our destination.  Join us on the worthwhile voyage at Lumen.”

-Dave Leclair
United States Navy
“Serving in the United States Navy, I learned the importance of having a strong Commitment to Excellence. There was a high level of dedication among everyone in my squadron to consistently perform at their very best. I see that same level of commitment daily in each and every one of 
my colleagues at Lumen.

-LaGina F.
United States Navy
“The USAF taught me respect is important on many levels. From the start of basic, to my last squadron, our teamwork created respect and camaraderie among diverse individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We learned to respect and appreciate our differences, remaining focused together on our team’s objectives. I learned to respect the process, keeping attention to detail. I am grateful that for the past 20 years here at Lumen, I have experienced that same level of respect with partners across all levels including the Vets Group and the other ERGs.”
-Sabrina G.
United States Air Force
“My time in the United States Air Force, inspired many core values like positive attitude and perseverance. When I became an employee at Lumen, I was able to use those values inside my work organization and as a Lumen Vets ERG Leader.  Keeping a positive attitude is infectious and inspiring. No matter the situation, we can come together for a purpose to succeed as a team.
-Chris D.
United States Air Force
"My training and experience in the United States Navy has led me to conclude that atop the list of things keeping me at Lumen is the integrity of the people surrounding me.  We all have our personal definition of what integrity actually is and for me it’s doing the right things for the right reasons, always.  At Lumen, specifically within the Public Sector and the Veteran’s ERG I’m surrounded by
​​​​​​​people with this shared perspective.
-Sean E.
United States Navy

Our Values

We inspire each other and the industry through our values.


Excercise impartiality and divility in all dealings with customers, business associates and fellow employees.

RespectRecognize each employee, customer and business associate as unique individuals and cultivate an environment built on inclusion, collaboration and responsiveness.


Honesty and IntegrityBe truthful and always do the right thing, regardless of difficulty and convenience.



Trust in one another’s capabilities to deliver our best, recognizing that the strength of our combines efforts will lead us to a successful future.

Commitment to excellence

Focus on serving our customers at the highest level by producing quality work and relentlessly striving for efficiency and effectiveness.


Be creative, innovative and authentic as we face challenges, responding to opportunities in a manner consistent with our values.

Positive attitude

Approach our work with enthusiam and confidence, encouraging and empowering one another to try new things in the pursuit of excellence and innovation.