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If you are a current student or recent graduate seeking early career opportunities to expand your knowledge, network, and reach, then Lumen is the perfect destination for you. Our programs provide you with the opportunity to work with teams that bring curiosity, creativity, and a chance to make an impact from day one. At Lumen, you'll drive the future, disrupt the status quo, and build the career that you've always wanted.Join Lumen as we ignite business growth by connecting people, data and applications — quickly, securely, and effortlessly.

Intern Program Highlights

Our 10-week summer internship program is designed to help you grow your mindset, skills, and network. Our focus on leveraging remote work means you will have the flexibility to work from anywhere and the opportunity to meet people from all across the United States.
Intern eligibility requirements
Key Program Details
  • 10-week summer based program
  • Must work in the continental U.S.
  • Must attend a U.S. college or university
Intern eligibility requirements
Intern Experience
  • Networking - Peer to peer connection opportunities
  • Growth seminars
  • Personal and professional development events
  • Challenging work projects
  • Social events and more
Intern eligibility requirements
Flexible Working Environment
  • Agile working model for select roles
  • Work from home or in a blended, hybrid model
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