by Lumen College Connect
Are you someone who thrives with technology but wants to work with customers to help them achieve their technology solution needs?
The College Connect - Solutions Engineer Academy early career development program prepares you for a successful career in business-to-business technology sales.  You’ll gain industry knowledge, develop technology solution skills, and build relationships with customers, learning how to meet their needs through trainings, mentorship from top performers, on-the-job learning, and networking with Lumen’s leaders.
The role
  • 10-week immersive training with transition to Solutions Support Associate role at successful completion of the program.  Programs launch in February and July of each year.
  • 3-year development program with a focused career progression supported by; on-going professional development, mentorship, and your motivation to succeed.
  • Learn Lumen’s product solutions in; Hybrid Network, cloud, and security with the ability to advise on effective client solutions
  • Partner with Lumen sales team to understand customers’ business goals and technical requirements.
  • Align and advise Lumen products, services, and solutions to the client’s goals, with compelling value to meet their business objectives
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