Lumen College Connect
Do you thrive on competition, networking and making connections? TheCollege Connect- Sales Academy Early Career Development Program prepares you for a successful career in business-to-business sales. Learn and leverage the Lumen brand and solution products to grow revenue and acheive sales driving Lumen and our customers success. 

What is the Sales Academy: 

Gain industry knowledge, develop customer experience skills, and build relationships with customers; through trainings, mentorship, on-the-job training and networking with Lumen Leaders. 

10-week immersive training with transition to a Account Manager role after successful completion of the program. Trainings launch in February and July of each year. 
Three-Year Development
Development program with a focus on career progression supported by, on-going professional development, mentorship and your motivation to succeed.
What you will learn
  • Leverage Lumen brand and solutions products to grow revenue and acheive sales
  • Capitalize on the client partnership to confidently present solutions addressing the clients needs
  • Building effective long term strategic partnerships

Employee Testimonials

At Lumen, I’m seen, heard, and appreciated! This is a place where diversity and equity are celebrated. We seek authenticity, creativity, innovative ideas, and diverse perspectives. That’s why I love working at Lumen. I’ve been able to grow my career here and achieve great success because of our supportive and inclusive culture.
India Sylvester Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
The Lumen University Relations internship program was the launching pad for my success working full-time for the company. I was given resources to support my understanding of the company culture, navigate the differing domains within Lumen, and present to some of the vice presidents! My team gave me scaffolded support during my onboarding process and I felt positive about my debut into the field.
Bo Mendez Software Engineer
The Lumen College Connect program has changed my career path tremendously. I truly believe I am taking the road down to success. Everything I could ask for as an early professional from volunteer occasions, flexible work schedules and PTO to maintain and enjoy my life outside of work is offered. Lumen turns individuals into AMAZING people both personally and professionally.
Tia Scott-Newberry Customer Success Professional

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