"I am proud of being a part of Lumen for the past 5 years. I am appreciative every day to be a part of the Lumen Community. This has been an enriching experience for me. I work here with talented people and a great work environment. Our strong teams are supported by the best Managers. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in any way in my journey.”
Jeevana Swetha V.
“When you hang on to a company for 14 long years, it means there is something special about it. One of the reasons to stay on is that Lumen cares for its employees. It gives you freedom to express your opinions without the fear of reprisal. It has a culture of learning and guiding individuals to their 
desired career goals. It promotes innovation, leadership, and healthy competition. It supports well-being and a well-balanced work-life.”
Gaurav V.
“I am exceptionally appreciative of the Lumen Team for this astounding opportunity. I never believed my joining will occur amid the lockdown, yet I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity during these uncertain times. It has been a month since I joined, and I feel exhilarated to be welcomed into the Lumen Community with such warmth. I envision much greater times in the future.”
Dheeraj N.
“Joining Lumen in 2012 has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my professional life. During my tenure here, I have seen extensive growth and enjoyed the freedom that comes with all the interesting work that I do. We have a culture of meritocracy, where every smart-working individual can expect to develop and move up the ladder. This combined with industry-leading compensation andt benefits, employee training investments and flexible work timings, makes it one of the best places to work.”
Himanshu S.
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“I have successfully completed 5 years with Lumen and have had a great experience with all my team members, colleagues and managers. I have been fortunate enough to work with leaders and teams who helped me manage my job and career, being a mother of 3 children. ”
Cathline Cerna S R
slide 5 of 5 “I have successfully completed 5 years with CenturyLink and have had a great experience with all  my team members, colleagues and managers. I have been fortunate enough to work with leaders  and teams who helped me manage my job and career, being a mother of 3 children. ” Cathline Cerna S R

Life at Lumen - India

Our culture
Our culture
We foster a culture of kindness and respect for all people, from any background! We are driven by the excitement of building new technologies, designing new approaches to solving problems, and providing services that further human progress. We thrive on the open
exchange of ideas, and promote a culture of innovation and continuous learning.
At Lumen India, we believe teamwork goes beyond desks and computers. The annual sports league is the most exciting event on our calendar and runs friendly employee sports competitions. There are cricket, volleyball, throwball, and basketball teams, as well as other sports. In addition, we have a sports committee who works to coordinate the participants, organizers, volunteers and so many others to work together in a spirit of unity and fun. 
At Lumen, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) allow our people the opportunity to try new things, and engage with other, like-minded individuals. With groups like Toastmasters, Cultural, and Women Empowered – there are opportunities to engage for everyone!
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