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Do you thrive on networking, building relationships and all things customer experience?

Do you thrive on networking, building relationships and all things customer experience? The College Connect- Customer Success early career development program prepares you for a successful career in business-to-business sales and client support.  Within our Customer Success organization, you will partner with the sales team eco-system to serve as Lumen ambassador for our clients.  You’ll gain industry knowledge, develop customer experience skills, and build relationships with customers, all while learning how to meet their needs through trainings, mentorship from top performers, on-the-job learning, and networking with Lumen’s leaders.
The role
  • 10-week immersive training with transition to Customer Success Associate role at successful completion of the program.  Programs launch in February and July of each year
  • 3 year development program with a focused career progression supported by; on-going professional development, mentorship, and your motivation to succeed.
  • Learn to leverage Lumen brand facts and solution-based product portfolio to grow revenue and achieve sales
  • Be the “face of Lumen” to the customer, ensuring our small-medium sized customers are wildly successful in delivering on their critical business objectives through leveraging their current Lumen solutions
  • Capitalize on the client partnership monitoring early indicators of customer health, proactively addressing their concerns, and helping them better use our technology to meet their business goals/objectives.
  • Build effective long term strategic partnership with clients leveraging internal resources to drive success
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