Our people are the heart of what we do, so we’ve designed our total rewards package to give you choices. As technology is redefining the way we live and work, it’s also helping you find the benefits that are right for you and your loved ones. Our plans are designed to help you live a healthy life, manage your finances, and support those who matter most. We want you to get well, stay well, manage well, and save well,  because that leads to you living your best and most amazing life. 
*Benefits vary based on location, role, job status, and/or the terms of any applicable collective bargaining agreement.
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“Lumen’s tuition reimbursement benefit has allowed me the freedom to pursue my Master’s degree without worrying about how to pay for continuing my education. It’s great to be able to learn about my work inside and outside the classroom!”

-Tabitha L.

“I absolutely love our Rally health and wellness benefits. I can earn rewards for making healthy choices and doing the things I love!” 

-Megan B.

“I am grateful for Lumen’s generous paternity leave policy. Not only did it enable me to spend time with my first-born son during those precious early days, but it also was flexible enough to split up and take over time. This ensured opportunity for quality bonding at home while at the same time lessened the burden of being gone from work all at once.”

-Chris S. 
Compensation Analyst
“The Lumen Well Connected program is definitely one of my favorite programs. It has helped me stay focused on my wellness goals so that I can live a healthy and happy life. I love it!” 

-Sharon B. 
Sr. Lead Analyst

Testimonial Photo
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