While we are getting to know you…. get to know us. Take a moment to learn about Lumen.

hen it comes to talent, our goal is to hire and develop the best. We work hard to raise the bar with every hire. Assessments are one of the ways Lumen gets to know you better. The assessments are designed to measure key competencies needed for success in a role. They also allow us to assess candidates consistently and equitably, as each candidate is provided with the same experience and information required to complete the assessment. Assessments may be required at different steps in the process, depending upon the specific r ole. If one is required, the recruiting team will advise you of the type, when you will need to complete, and how to complete the assessment.

One thing you’ll learn about Lumen is that we value diversity and how it makes our organization stronger. If, due to a disability, you require a reasonable accommodation to participate in an interview, please
email us.