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“Lumen is a great place to grow professionally. I am empowered and encouraged by the immense support to win the hearts of my customers. It is great to work here!”

Cobie N.
Account Director, Hong Kong 
“Lumen provides me a variety of opportunities to learn and grow every day. I am thrilled to collaborate closely with my colleagues, and I enjoy their proactive support. I wouldn’t be as successful as I am without such synergy.”

Miki M.
Senior Lead Sales Engineer, Japan
“Lumen has brought out the absolute best in me. It’s really important to surround yourself with people that support you and help you do you better every day. With Lumen, I always found things I love to do and to do it at its best!”

Dheeraj N.
Senior Account Director Specialized Sales, Australia
“The Lumen community and family camaraderie, that is what keeps me going at my absolute best to focus and deliver customer success. It is great to be part of a collaborative and dynamic team who helps you to learn and improve every single day.”

Darryn L.
Influencer Relations Manager, Singapore

“Lumen has allowed me to grow my career professionally while enabling me to work with the latest technologies which is very satisfying. Throughout the years, Lumen has provided me a path for my career development which is one of the greatest things ever. I really enjoy working here.”

Herbert G.
Manager Network Operations, Singapore

Life at Lumen - APAC

Making a difference
Making a difference
To celebrate the New Year, our team in Japan crafted New Year cards for the Minato Council.

Each hand-crafted card carried a special message and wish for the elderly in the Minato ward of Tokyo to bring them joy during the festive season.
Team building
Team building
Teamwork is everything - and nothing is better for team building than dragon boat racing!

​​​​​​​Paddling in sync with one another, and trusting everyone to do their part. The teams build unity and strength through learning to synchronize their paddling to push the boat forward.
Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
At Lumen, we’re change agents. To show our solidarity for women around the world, we celebrated International Women’s Day and their #EachforEqual initiative, which works to highlight global gender inequality issues and bring about positive change.
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