Human Resources Policy
COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for New Hires

November 15, 2021

This policy applies to all U.S. based applicants.


All future U.S. employees, regardless of employment classification (Work from Work, Fully Remote or Hybrid), are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment, unless a reasonable accommodation is approved because the employee has a sincerely held religious belief or a medical condition that prevents them from getting any of the vaccines. All employees without an approved accommodation are required to show proof of vaccination by uploading their vaccine card in Lumen's intranet site SuccessFactors.

Based on government regulations, our status as a federal contractor, and requirements of our customers, many of which are also federal contractors, Lumen has adopted this policy. It is intended to safeguard the health of our employees and their families, our customers, visitors to Lumen facilities, and the community at large from COVID-19. This Policy is based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and complies with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws. 

Newly Hired Employees 

Newly hired employees will be required to upload their vaccination card and provide date(s) and brand(s) of vaccination(s) in SuccessFactors within 25 days of their start date. Employees who have not uploaded their vaccination card within 25 days of their start date will be terminated for not fulfilling the requirements of our vaccination requirement.

  • ​Employees will be asked to upload their vaccination card on their first day of employment but no later than 25 days from their start date.  If an employee can’t find their card, they should contact the vaccination provider site where they received their vaccine. Their provider should be able to provide them with new cards or documentation with up-to-date information about the vaccinations they have received. If the location where the applicant received their COVID-19 vaccine is no longer operating, the applicant should contact their State or local health department’s immunization information system (IIS) for assistance.   

  • As a condition of employment, applicants are required to have received at least one vaccine dose no later than the Friday prior to their Lumen start date. 

  • Applicants who have a sincerely held religious belief or medical condition that prevents them from getting any of the vaccines, will have an opportunity to seek a religious or medical exemption to the vaccine requirement upon receipt of a conditional offer of employment.  

  • Under certain circumstances, unvaccinated employees may not be eligible to begin employment until they are fully vaccinated. These circumstances may include but are not limited to: 

    • Where the position requires the new hire to access federal facilities and no safety protocol exists other than vaccination.  

    • Where the position requires the employee access a Lumen customer’s premises and the customer requires employees to be fully vaccinated to perform the requisite work. 

Upload vaccination card within 25 days of start date  

New hires who are not approved for a medical or religious exemption prior to their start date will be fully vaccinated or will have received their first vaccination dose in a two-dose series prior to their start date and must upload their vaccination card showing they are fully vaccinated within 25 days of their start date.

U.S. Reserved Rights: 

Lumen reserves the right to amend or terminate any employee policy – with respect to any or all classes of employees – without prior consultation with any employee, subject to any applicable laws and collective bargaining agreements.  Lumen has the sole right and discretion to interpret and administer the terms of this Policy, including resolution of any questions regarding its scope, application or meaning.  The decision of the Company shall be conclusive and binding on all persons.